Today, I nailed a presentation at work.

But I felt like shit.
Because autoimmune disease,
Because trauma attacks endlessly,
Because my head ached so bad that the sound of my own voice felt like breaking glass in my brain,
Because my feelings were shit and didn’t matter,
Because imposter syndrome,
Because anxiety experiences the worst so it won’t hurt so bad when the rug gets yanked out,
Because my hands shake and everyone notices,
Because I still look for the adult in the room,
Because I need sleep,
Because a tropical storm,
Because narcissists leave tattoos on you,
Because womanhood worth is subject to surgical scrutiny by anyone,
Because my nerve endings are literally decaying as I type this and I’m scared.

I’m scared.

I felt like shit.

But today, I nailed a presentation at work.

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  1. You nailed a presentation at work. You nailed a presentation at work during a HURRICANE, after experiencing narcissistic abuse on Sunday while feeling like crap and navigating what’s best for your family and you during a health crisis. You are a hero.

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