Children’s Books**

‘Tink the Bravest Donkey’ – Tink wants to fit in with the rest of the herd but can’t because the others bully him for wearing a boot. When Tink is left all alone to fend for himself against a mean, old dog, he musters up all of his bravery to save the day and bring them all closer together. (WATCH:

‘Will You Be My Val-Equine?’ – Come along with Little Donkey as he searches for his Valentine  where along the way, he learns that even if we’re all a little different on the outside, we’re a lot more similar than we might realize! (WATCH:


America’s Emerging Literary Fiction Writers: The Plains States: ‘Donkey Minds’

America’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Nonfiction: ‘An Exhale’

Texas’s Emerging Writers: ‘An Exhale’

Flash Fiction Magazine: ‘Behind the Clouds, There are Stars’

**100% of the proceeds go to saving donkeys with the Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue

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