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Howdy, I’m Jess. If you’re reading this “about section” in its current form, then you have stumbled upon my page during a season of change. Over 5 years ago, I started this blog as a way to keep in touch with my friends and family back home after I ditched the big city life for a smaller, more ranchy one. The quaint ranchette which I moved to came complete with a donkey named Bunny and from there, life changed in bigger ways than I anticipated.

But as it goes, it’s changed in very big ways since then as well. This murky middle ground is one of ill-defined exploration of mental health and what’s become years of battling chronic illness. I still have my donkeys (3 of them) as well as ducks, dogs, and a rooster that used to be a chicken. Anyway, I’m really glad you found me. I don’t suspect this page will read this way for too long. Or who knows.

Your health matters…mental and physical. If nothing else, I hope you get that reassurance from this website.


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