Sunflower’s Story 2

Two years ago, I wrote about the late-blooming sunflower that shone brighter than all the others. [That story here]
Today, I share with you a third generation sunflower whose wait has been just as worth it. This season has brought intense storms and blistering heat and yet, here she is, a towering queen. The story is the same, so please go back and read the first. The moral is the same: that we all move at our own pace…we all grow at different speeds, face different obstacles, and can defy all the odds (even when they’re stacked against us) … sometimes. But sometimes not. And that’s just truth. So we grow our best. Season after season, all we can do is grow our best.

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  1. your shares are uplifting and poetic and encouraging and welcome. Continue to grow your best. This post reminds me of the facebook entry i saw– When one door closes, open it. That’s how doors work…

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