She Shines for Everyone

I imagine that when the sun rises each day,
She's eager to see who she'll reach;
To check on how her little babes
Have grown. A happy face on a proud,
Beaming mother doing her best.
But I imagine it's rough on days
When no one notices her. She
Gets it though: so many are busy, afraid,
Scrambling for solutions because their
Homes are being taken, their
Health and even children are                 
Used as pawns by (b)rats who believe
They're more powerful even than her.
They find profit in hiding her.
Absurd that they, (the crafters of these
Cruel games) don't think about her
Flicking her wrist and ending them all.
Honestly, she would laugh at their
Ridiculous false sense of superiority, but
It hurts too much.
She shines for everyone.

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