‘Twas the Night Before Donkmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Some small creature was stirring; could it be a mouse?
Should it be some vermin, my cat would sure pounce
And with a small “mew,” her win, she’d announce.

A long dog was sprawled out across the big couch
While I couldn’t sleep, which made me a grouch.
I wandered the room in my oversized pants
Quite pleased with the growth of my little houseplants.

When out towards the barn there arose such a clatter,
No doubt, all my critters just wanting to chatter.
Though quite cold out there, I can never resist
Four fuzzy snouts that might need to be kissed.

I pulled on my boots and my rainbow knit hat
(‘Cause really I love a midnight equine chat.)
When what to my wondering eyes should appear:
But ice ‘cross the walkway, all shiny and sheer.

Most gently I tip-toed, not used to such frost,
A slip for this spoonie would come at great cost.
NOT rapid like eagles I inched ‘cross the yard,
For healing’d not come for my belly, still scarred.

O’er yonder the duck house was cozy and warm,
With a tarps tied ‘round it in prep for this storm.
All the pipes had been wrapped, but the garden left ‘lone,
To sleep for the winter, until spring, be regrown.

My shuffly steps woke up my three donks,
For just then I heard a loud chorus of honks.
And somewhere in there, a deep whinny shook, too
From a horse who this year, joined our little crew.

Their eyes – how they twinkled! Their ears oh-so merry,
Such kissable noses (despite being hairy.)
They spoke not a word, my darling fur friends:
But instead stood ‘round me in their cozy, warm pens.

My face super cold, and nose surely rosy,
Surrounded by them, I felt awful cozy.
There in that space, being watched by the moon
I (per my usual) hummed them a tune.

I s’posed it was time to try for some sleep,
So I whispered, “Y’all are each other’s to keep–
‘Till later when it’s just a little bit bright.
Merry Christmas to y’all, and to y’all a good night.”


The above, of course, an update from last year which can be found here:


Whatever this time of year means for you, I hope you’re doing okay.
Love you,

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