I’m lucky
To step out into trees.
Both doors which
Open my house
Set course
An explore through
Thick, humid woods.

I’m lucky
To provide for an array
Of living things which
Surround my home.
I wonder, do they
Think of me as much as
I, them?

I’m lucky
To be seen by
Donkeys and birds and dogs
But also to not be seen
As I wander deeper
Into the forest (although,
I suppose the trees must watch)

And as they watch
Do they wonder if I’m
Thinking of them?
Because I do. Boy, I do.
I think of the trees like
I breathe: involuntarily 
but sometimes, voluntarily.

I’m lucky
To have heard from an old
Friend today. We made plans
To swap our spring
Harvests—her, from fruit trees
And I, garden vegetables—
We’ll sit together and
Watch the world breathe.

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