Do You Feel It?

When you wake up, do you feel a balloon in your throat, too? Or maybe it's a corset: too small and too snug, cinched up tighter than poor Kate Winslet's mom did to her in 'Titanic.' "Hold still," I think she said before she yanked again. Or is it that feeling of having had too... Continue Reading →

Truthfully? Afraid.

I had a dream last night that present-day-me somehow (as a spirit? a thought? a memory but also premonition?) was able to supernaturally visit myself as a 10-year-old. I appeared at a gathering with my mom's extended family at my grandparent's bay house in Galveston: a get together I vaguely remember. 10-year-old me was in... Continue Reading →


It's that sun-breaking-harshly-through-the-windshield kind of morning, having risen just enough to be above the hood but below the visor as I travel along the freeway down towards the Houston Medical Center. I used to live right near the heart of the city back when I had a quaint hobbit hole to myself shared only with... Continue Reading →

Single Statement

Alone again in a doctor's office, the nurse says to me, he'll be in shortly. This room has a large window with cracked blinds which I appreciate because many of these rooms are internal boxes with no natural light. I'm anxious to see this doctor: this doctor who a couple weeks ago saved my life.... Continue Reading →


It’s pouring for the third day in a row and I’ve had to venture out into it vehicularly to attend a doctor’s appointment in a city south of here. I’m a confident, careful, and (probably overly) defensive driver, so freeways in a storm don’t typically make me nervous but a few miles ago, I hit... Continue Reading →

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