Sunflower’s Story

There once was a patch of sunflowers (10 stems, to be exact) who divvied themselves upon either side of the walkway through a garden. Some said they were oddly placed, but the sun shined strongest right there along that path and as we all know, sunflowers not only need, but love the sunlight. For weeks, the... Continue Reading →

Summertime Curmudgeon

For some… Summer is fruit drinks after being tanned, Walks with popsicles and toes in the sand. It brings surfboards with tiny two-piece fun For hours and days beneath that never ending sun. But for me, no way, I’m not budgin’: For I am that notorious, summertime curmudgeon. They run with joy, the summer folk... Continue Reading →

June Afternoons

Long are June afternoons Where the sun floats in blurry Waves above every shiny surface, Where densely-leaved trees sway Lazily as if to fan themselves, Where clouds thinly sprawl in Wispy, white brush strokes across Windless, endless blue sky. Long are June afternoons Where wonder floats gently like Wished upon dandelions; Scattered pseudo petals soaked... Continue Reading →

The Ghosts of Summer: Part Two

Before reading below, make sure you've read Part One! Link here: The Ghosts of Summer: Part One   The black widow’s eight legs are sharp and shiny like daggers. Clearly, she’s sharpened them. In my left hand is the hose, still running---the water splashing heavily in the mud around my feet. Like yesterday, I look around... Continue Reading →

The Ghosts of Summer: Part One

Hauntings don’t happen in the summertime: they happen in the wintertime, right? In the summer, the trees are much too lush and kids are out of school, bobbing up and down in neighborhood pools. It’s light until 9 at night at which point the sun sets in a painted portrait of vibrant and far-reaching oranges... Continue Reading →

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