Talk to Them

They say that talking to Plants helps them grow, That the exchange of Voice (regardless of tone) Encourages broader bloom. I believe the same works With each other: That Brighter, bigger, more beautiful Growth rides the waves Of our thoughtful voices. Talk to them. Talk to them all. Build base for understanding: For learning, for... Continue Reading →

Soon, Sun. Soon.

It's all so fast today. It's all just so fast. The days are more like minutes, the Sun Racing to set and Leave long, cold Darkness: bones in the Cool, dark Earth. It's us left to protect Her warmth. To Store within ourselves And let shine her Healing light. It's us who must Carry her... Continue Reading →


It’s not quite dawn and the only sound I hear is the low buzz of the running refrigerator from the kitchen. Peering out my front window which has two, furry moths on it side-by-side, I’m watching the blackness beyond my front porch, waiting for the spaces between the trees that I know are there to... Continue Reading →

Beating Hearts

Yesterday, I studied the date on the donkey calendar that hangs over my desk for more than a moment trying to recall why August 2nd was significant when it finally hit me: six years ago on August 2nd, I had heart surgery. It wasn’t open heart surgery with a cracked open chest but instead, a... Continue Reading →

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