It's that sun-breaking-harshly-through-the-windshield kind of morning, having risen just enough to be above the hood but below the visor as I travel along the freeway down towards the Houston Medical Center. I used to live right near the heart of the city back when I had a quaint hobbit hole to myself shared only with... Continue Reading →

An Exhale

It’s just after lunch and I’ve turned my rickety-red pickup truck into my small town of Nowhere, Texas. The days have begun where in the sun, the Texas heat continues to beat down in her typical fashion---the kind of beaming that makes you feel like you’re a lizard under a heat-lamp trying to digest after... Continue Reading →

Houston, My Heart

I’ve just opened up my laptop for the first time in a week. I click on the open document I left unfinished from last Thursday: a drafted blog post telling a story about how I’d managed to lose a chunk of my left pinky finger while attempting to fix the mower on the same day... Continue Reading →

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