Gratitude. Hope. Happy New Year.

We end the last year with gratitude... Gratitude for our time together, For memories, For support, And for kindness. We begin the New Year with restored hope... Hope that kindness will continue to prevail, That love will fill our hearts, That our voices will be used for good, And that together, we will make a... Continue Reading →

About a Baby

It’s approaching dusk on a most perfectly, Texas spring evening---the kind of evening where in the setting sun, the warm, amber rays soak into your thirsty skin and in the shade, the same skin prickles for a jacket. New, bright green leaves flicker in the trees in a breeze without a direction. I’m sitting on... Continue Reading →

Soon, Sun. Soon.

It's all so fast today. It's all just so fast. The days are more like minutes, the Sun Racing to set and Leave long, cold Darkness: bones in the Cool, dark Earth. It's us left to protect Her warmth. To Store within ourselves And let shine her Healing light. It's us who must Carry her... Continue Reading →

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