Reblogging this post because I barely slept last night and have spent the last 24 hours feeling like a hermit crab who left my old shell without finding a new one yet—exposed and vulnerable.

Mind your softness always, but especially today. Check on your soft friends. Honor your gentleness. Know that you are so, so loved.

Your life matters. Your soul matters. And your softness is stunningly beautiful.

I love you,

A Donkumentary

I’m sitting in my spot—the one in the far, left nook of the couch by the window that looks out towards the donkey’s barn and pasture—as my coffee cools and the night is swelling into its final, heavy moments before the prick of dawn. I spent the fifteen or so minutes before this trying to meditate without much success. Meditation for me looks more like a whack-a-mole game of trying to silence my internal dialogue. Relax your face, I tell myself. Soften your shoulders. I don’t know how I’m going to respond to that angry email I’ve let sit in my inbox for a day. I guess it was my mistake that got me there, but it was a mistake nonetheless. And I owned it. But the world seems so unforgiving these days.

Relax your throat. Deep belly breath. Notice the crickets outside. Mistakes are supposed to help us grow…

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Mini Donkey: Big Hero

The internet gods reminded me this morning about this story from three years ago. Usually when I wander down memory lane, it always seems like “just yesterday” and “where did the time go?” Oddly enough, this story feels like a lifetime ago. I guess that’s what happens when in three years, both the external and my internal world have flipped over and over like cooking pancakes. (Do y’all do multiple pancake flips when cooking? I’d say I’m a 6-to-7-times flipper).

ANYWAY. I’ll always be in awe of my sweet mini donkey, Tee and how once upon a time, he save mine and my son’s lives ❤ Read more below.

A Donkumentary

**I want to start this post by noting that contrary to popular belief, not all donkeys are natural guardians, especially mini donkeys like my little Tee. Please don’t assume donkeys will act as guardians—in fact they can be quite vulnerable to predators. Make sure that if you own donkeys that their fencing, paddocks, barns, and sheds are secure to keep them safe from threats.**

That being said…

Earlier today, I was out fixing part of the fence in the pasture while my two year old son sat next to me drawing shapes in the dirt with a stick. The town’s roaming flock of guinea hens fluttered about on my property with four young guinea chicks in the center of the group. As I secured a new section of chicken-wire, the guinea-hen flock suddenly burst into a frantic squabble. I turned to find a small-ish (I’m assuming young?) feral hog charging…

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