Links To My Other Stuff

Below are links to other places where A Donkumentary has appeared.

‘Will You Be My Val-Equine?’ – my second children’s book on sale now!

‘Tink the Bravest Donkey’ – a children’s book that I wrote, now on sale!

“Tink the Bravest Donkey” – An Interview on DRTV with The BurroMan

Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue

“America’s Emerging Literary Fiction Writers: The Plains States” in which I have an essay published, Donkey Minds

‘America’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Nonfiction’ – in which my essay, ‘An Exhale’ was selected for the national edition of Z Publishing’s non-fiction anthology series!

‘Texas’s Emerging Writers’ in which I have a featured essay, ‘An Exhale,’ on sale now!

The Rookie Life Podcast featuring me talking about the wonderful world of donkeys, donkey rescue, yoga, and finding your chill!

Donkey Rescue TV: It Takes a Village

Donkey Rescue TV: The Wild Burro Project (in which I guest host!)

Behind the Clouds, There are Stars — A Flash Fiction Story Published by FFM

Motivate Me! An Interview with Lynette Renda

The Dallas Morning News: Meet the ‘city girl’ who’s now saving Texas donkeys

Wide Open Pets: Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue’s Newest Adoption Center a Huge Success

via Dallas Morning News

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