Links To My Other Stuff

Below are links to other places where A Donkumentary has appeared.

‘Will You Be My Val-Equine?’ – my second children’s book on sale now!

‘Tink the Bravest Donkey’ – a children’s book that I wrote, now on sale!

“America’s Emerging Literary Fiction Writers: The Plains States” in which I have an essay published, Donkey Minds

‘America’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Nonfiction’ – in which my essay, ‘An Exhale’ was selected for the national edition of Z Publishing’s non-fiction anthology series!

‘Texas’s Emerging Writers’ in which I have a featured essay, ‘An Exhale,’ on sale now!

The Rookie Life Podcast featuring me talking about the wonderful world of donkeys, donkey rescue, yoga, and finding your chill!

Behind the Clouds, There are Stars — A Flash Fiction Story Published by FFM

Motivate Me! An Interview with Lynette Renda

The Dallas Morning News: Meet the ‘city girl’ who’s now saving Texas donkeys

Wide Open Pets: Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue’s Newest Adoption Center a Huge Success

via Dallas Morning News

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