Brakes 3 (I suppose)

A few days ago, I spun into a full blown panic attack. During the attack, I was drenched from rain and splotted with mud and blood, having not been able to make it to a hose, let alone a shower before I broke. I knew that the blood on my feet was mine, but the blood on my hands was from two wounded donkeys.

It’s a long story, one I’m not ready to tell. I’m okay now. So are my donkeys. But for a while, none of us were. Then they were, and I was not and that’s when the panic attack swirled down like a grassy plains tornado. I was helpless to its strength and it spun me away.

I remembered later, once I’d showered and cleaned the caked muck from under my fingernails, that I’d posted a blog (turns out twice) about ways in which I’ve learned to best maneuver panic attacks (so far). I’d used some of these methods this time, too, so here she is again: Brakes 2, which was shared from Brakes 1, where I share my best practices, in case you’ve found yourself swept away, too.

Panic attacks are very real and they are very scary. They are also nothing to be ashamed of. Don’t beat yourself up for a sweet brain trying to protect you in the best way it knows how; that just makes it worse.

If you have advice for panic attacks that works for you, please feel free to share them. The more we talk about it, the more it helps all of us.

Much love,

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