[Begrudgingly] Brave

Morning sweet friends. 6 months ago, when COVID shut the world down, closed schools, and forced us all to see our days through a brand new lens, I (along with many other people just trying to find any way that they could help) posted two videos on my mostly barren YouTube channel of me reading my two books, ‘Tink the Bravest Donkey’ and ‘Will You be My Val-Equine?’ alongside my sweet donklings three. At the time, I assumed those recordings would be needed (or even maybe hopefully just wanted), for only a short time. I’d hoped my friends with kiddos would show them the recordings so that 1) they could see how affectionate and sweet donkeys truly are and 2) [more importantly] that the stories could remind children that they are so, so brave. That our differences can bring us together even when some grownups seem to not understand that concept.

Here we are 6 months later and somehow things feel even scarier than they were back then. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe it’s just that I live near a hot spot and have autoimmune issues. Maybe it’s that I’m supposed to somehow send my small one to school and I have to say, I do not feel brave. I am petrified.

But as an adult who’s supposed to be setting a good example, I exhale. And I exhale. And I exhale until I can say (with even a wee iota) of confidence that, I’m doing absolutely everything I can and in my power to be safe, be smart, be (accurately) informed, and…and brave.

Whatever your feelings are on this whole thing, we are in it together. We’re not all experiencing it in the same way but we’re all in it and our little ones are watching. If nothing else, let’s try our best for them through patience, grace, exhales, kindness, support, listening, undivided attention and love. And as I’m trying to do, the surrender of that which I can absolutely not control.

If you do have kiddos at home and if they do want to hear my stories and see some donkeys, here are the links to my readings. If your little ones have questions, want to see more, want me to deliver a message to my little donklings, want to share how they’re feeling about being brave, send me an email at adonkumentary@gmail.com and I’ll absolutely respond to every single one.

I love you all very much. I love your beating hearts. I love your perseverance. I love the good and bravery in you. Don’t forget to exhale over and over and over again.


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