Farewells, Feelings, News Crews and Two Remaining Donkeys

It’s wild to me that it’s been two years since I published this post about two of my foster donkeys finding their forever home. I’m so happy to report that both Charlie & Ethel are doing wonderfully in their happily ever after (I’m still in contact with their owner). Love brings us together and donkeys are pure love. Thank you again to the Dallas Morning News for their story which did, indeed, reach many people. Keep spreading that donkey love, y’all. This world needs it. ❤

A Donkumentary

A tan, rattling horse trailer bumped down the road away from my house kicking gravel and dust as its rusty doors creaked and clanged in a travelling, metallic melody which is quite common in these rural areas. Inside those doors, which likely still dripped with the sweat from my hands, two sets of furry ears stood straight up and wobbled side to side: Ethel and Charlie (two more of my foster donkeys) were going home. They were going to their forever home.

The choppy waters of my insides were churning like a pot of stew—boiling bubbles popped and spat in a scene which was familiar—it having only been 10 days since Ali the donkey had been adopted by a couple from central Texas. The feeling was complex: it stretched as far as grief and heartache could before likely causing serious damage—like a stressed rubber band which, had I not let…

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