Summertime Curmudgeon

For some…
Summer is fruit drinks after being tanned,
Walks with popsicles and toes in the sand.
It brings surfboards with tiny two-piece fun
For hours and days beneath that never ending sun.

But for me, no way, I’m not budgin’:
For I am that notorious, summertime curmudgeon.

They run with joy, the summer folk
With coconut oil on their skin to soak
The kisses that the sun sends down
Flipping over any summertime frown.

Except for mine, this frown ain’t turnin’:
For I am that notorious, summertime curmudgeon.

Their speakers blare with top-forty pop
While glasses clink and selfies swap
From person to smiling person so hot
I think I might want to join them…NOT.

I pull my shades closed, my Netflix a-runnin’:
For I am that notorious, summertime curmudgeon.

An eternity it seems that the summer is here
And in Texas it sometimes lasts all year.
I should move way up north where there’s snow and big moose
And I’m far, far away from tropical smoothies and juice.

But that requires effort; I’m too busy being shut-in:
For I am that notorious, summertime curmudgeon.

Only a few more months, I can do this, I can.
Then autumn will come: I’ll make pies with pē-kan!
The leaves will turn colors and die and fall down
And then it will not be me with a frown.

Until then, in ice-blasting A/C I’ll be bummin’:
For I am that notorious, summertime curmudgeon.




4 thoughts on “Summertime Curmudgeon

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  1. Wonderful, and a perfect summation of my life every summer. You are not alone with your curmudgeonous summertime demeanor. I count the weeks from that first 99° day until the first cool spell blesses us with evenings that are mild enough to watch sunsets again, without needing electrolytes to compensate for copious persperation (i.e. buckets of sweat). I cling to the knowledge that this too shall pass, again. Not soon enough, but it’ll pass.
    I love reading your writing, and the work you do with long ears!

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