Summertime Curmudgeon

For some… Summer is fruit drinks after being tanned, Walks with popsicles and toes in the sand. It brings surfboards with tiny two-piece fun For hours and days beneath that never ending sun. But for me, no way, I’m not budgin’: For I am that notorious, summertime curmudgeon. They run with joy, the summer folk …

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Turtle World

Reread this blog this morning, it being Father’s day once again. I love your little turtle world, dad, and I love that my life has been shaped by it.

A Donkumentary

For three days, I’ve watched a turtle become less and less a turtle and more and more a dark stain on the one road that leads out of town. I wished I had seen the turtle when it was alive: I would have pulled over to move it to the other side.

Once, when I was 10 years old, I sat in the passenger seat of my dad’s car as we drove along a similar country road—two lanes with woods and pastures on either side. I couldn’t tell you where we were headed or coming from, but I remember my dad suddenly slamming on the brakes of his car with a stick shift so that when reached his arm out across my chest instead of shifting gears, the car bucked violently and stalled.

I’d pinched my eyes shut during all of this and when I opened them, my dad was…

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It Bites

Ranch life just got more real. For over two years now, King Ranch, Little Foot and I have been exploring the ever-offering wonderland that is our small ranchette in nowhere, Texas. We’ve seen the souls of donkeys (although not the bottom of them because to get there would require years and years and probably some …

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June Afternoons

Long are June afternoons Where the sun floats in blurry Waves above every shiny surface, Where densely-leaved trees sway Lazily as if to fan themselves, Where clouds thinly sprawl in Wispy, white brush strokes across Windless, endless blue sky. Long are June afternoons Where wonder floats gently like Wished upon dandelions; Scattered pseudo petals soaked …

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Rain Thoughts

It's pouring outside. Like one of those real, north Texas, springtime storms that we haven't had many of this year. I think about how many of my blogs last spring and the spring before were stories about hunkering down in these storms of epic proportions: the kind of storms from which tornadoes and old, forgotten …

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