Greetings from the blogosphere! And thank you for visiting.

By way of introduction, my name is Jess, and this is my donkumentary. You may be asking yourself, “what’s the deal with the donkey?” Well, I’ll tell you:

A month ago, my husband, my baby, my two dogs and I gave up big city life and moved to a small ranch in a tiny town, barely on the map, northwest of Ft. Worth, Texas. With purchase of the property, we adopted three roosters, seven chickens, and you guessed it: a donkey. She really did seal the deal for us. Our little (big) bargaining chip. What an ass.

Quick side note: I must apologize to my long-time friend, Tiny Tim, for not being able to take you on this adventure. You were a great pal who I believe is in exceptionally good hands now (thank you, aunt Megan and uncle Darren). I’ll always love you, little buddy.

For the sake of privacy, my husband henceforth will be referred to as King  Ranch, First of His Name, Son of Father Ranch, Maker of King Ranch Casserole, Lord of Ranchedom, the True King of Donkuland. We can call him King Ranch, for short. Likewise, the baby shall be called Little Foot.

This blog will document our ( King Ranch, Little Foot and my own) adventures in adjusting to our new country life, provide some tips in building your own homestead (especially for amateurs), and most likely reveal some dos and don’ts of that ranch life. I have no idea what tomorrow will bring. I’d love for y’all to find out with me. I encourage comments and feedback along the way! New life, new blog hobby.

Happy Trails!

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